Trans-Pacific Negotiations and Risk Management

Agreement negotiations: Trans‐Pacific

  • Undertakes supplier negotiations for China sourcing, supplier scheduling, and ensuring on‐time delivery through relationship‐building to maximize business benefits.
  • Develops and leads negotiation with suppliers and establishes strong contractual relationships, including clear Statements of Work/Service Level Agreements.

Client services and risk management: Trans‐Pacific

  • Advises the organization on the value of, and risks associated with, new sources of supply.
  • Conducts business with the highest level of integrity and regard for legal and environmental issues. Keeps business information absolutely confidential.
  • Supports day‐to‐day sourcing responsibilities for manufacturing operations.
  • Develops and implements supply strategies to aggressively reduce the cost of key materials, components, and subsystems, and to reduce material lead times, inventory requirements, and associated work capital requirements.
  • Partners with Engineering, R&D, Finance, and Manufacturing leadership to achieve cost reduction targets.
  • Seeks client and supplier benefits, including cost reduction,revenue‐increasing initiatives, aggregating supplier volume/reducing price, and utilizing tools/identifying opportunities for e‐processes to increase capacity and drive controllership.
  • Provides advice on all significant matters involving China sourcing impact.
  • Provides turnkey services to facilitate transactions, such as translation, transportation, and accommodations.