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Provider of OEM and aftermarket parts, accessories and consumables to the appliance industry

We gain competitive advantage when we heed our customers’ feedback and act
on their needs by bringing them products and services they ask for in a
timely manner. That’s where Trans-Pacific Facilitators comes in. They are
our secret weapon for new product design and development. Trans-Pac brings a
wealth of knowhow and expertise to our projects; namely:

Engineering knowhow: Trans-Pac is plugged into an extensive infrastructure
engineering, design, materials and manufacturing resources. They bring their
Game to any project we have on tap, including solid-state electronics,
injection molding, aluminum and iron castings, painting and other finishing
technologies, textiles, to name a few.

Product development management: From the client’s perspective, Trans-Pac’s
able staff makes our job easy. They provide us with a clear roadmap of
requirements needed to embark on a new project. They are equally versant in
a technical discussion and working productively with non-engineers.

Confidentiality: The greatest risk in doing business with suppliers in the
far east is keeping our products from leaking out to the general market.
Suppliers from China are notorious for shopping one customer’s products to
other potential customers. We are safe working with Trans-Pac. They are
strictly a client-driven development company. They are not connected to
other suppliers in our industry. They do not sell our products on Alibaba or

Fast turnaround: From conception to delivery, the development cycle is
much faster than normal from most suppliers in China. Generating a first
article often takes less than a month, even with highly technical products
employing a variety of materials and processes.

Our company has worked with Trans-Pac since 2003, and they are virtually a
part of our team, developing and building great products in a short time
frame. In turn, we are able to get new products to our customers first and
way ahead of our competitors.

Jon W., President

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